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Water Finds A Way Labyrinth
Environmental Public Art

Water Finds A Way
The spiral pattern of the labyrinth symbolized our cyclical journey through this world, “this mortal coil”. Walking its path our perspective is constantly changing, the destination is not the focus but rather a connection to the source. According to native American (O’odham) mythology the path reflects the choices we make in life and the center houses our dreams and goals. We dream of rain, yet our goal is to learn to liv in harmony with the cycles of our semi arid climate.

Water Finds A Way is an artist collaboration between AFTA Productions and artists Joy Feuer, Christian Ghantous & William Stranger. This temporary installation celebrates the intersection of water, art and community. This labyrinth design is created using reclaimed elements, materials used for water mitigation and solar powered illumination. Each are directly or symbolically related to water.